The Commercial Ancestral Kits

Actually, I haven’t tried any one of the commercial ancestral kits to connect with my ancestors. But I do read about these kits. However, I would write about Ancestry DNA which maps ethnicity moving back multiple generations and provides insight into such possibilities as to what region of continent are our ancestors from. Ancestry DNA can also be useful to identify relationships with unknown relatives as a result of a dynamic list of possible DNA member matches. One’s Ancestry DNA results include information about one’s genetic ethnicity estimates and identify potential DNA matches, linking one to others who have taken the Ancestry DNA test. The Ancestry DNA test uses microarray-based autosomal DNA testing, which surveys a person’s entire genome at over seven hundred thousand locations. Our DNA test results also expose information that is more important and recent, targeting our family history a few hundred or even a thousand years ago, as compared to the Y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA tests, which have a ten thousand to fifty thousand year time focus (Caulfield &Mcguire, 2012).

Most of the companies exposed the data collected from their clients to law enforcement and most sell one’s DNA data to the third parties after which it could become difficult to track. For those who work for small size companies or serve in the military, it could affect their insurance premiums alongside their ability to get insurance. Conversely, each company has its own steps for deleting client’s data. A client has to go to the company’s site and follow the procedure to delete his or her data …

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